• “Every summer, we have a Children’s Safety Fair in coordination with the Klaas Kids Foundation. Jeff has been an important and enthusiastic supporter. I respect his commitment to public safety for all our residents — young and old.”

    Deborah Novelli, Patterson Mayor

  • “Jeff’s entire adult life has been spent in public service — first in the military on behalf of our country, and now as a law enforcement leader. He has earned my respect and my support.”

    Rep. Jeff Denham

  • “Jeff has all the qualifications, great character and leadership abilities that it takes to lead the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. Jeff and his wonderful family are longtime residents of our county. Their family values are the same values we should all have, which is a safe and prosperous community to raise your family in.”

    Ron Fair, Manager, Clark Pest Control Stanislaus County

  • “I believe in Jeff’s vision for law enforcement in Stanislaus County. I respect his leadership style, his willingness to listen to others and his professional integrity. I believe he will make an excellent sheriff.”

    Vito Chiesa, Stanislaus County Supervisor

  • “Jeff’s life trajectory has given him the education and experience he needs to lead our Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. Jeff’s experience in military leadership taught him the importance of respect for his team, his country and how to lead by example. Jeff is a lifelong resident of Stanislaus County and is passionate about creating a safer place for today’s residents and tomorrow’s generations!”

    Judy Kindle, CEO, Sierra Vista Child and Family services

  • “I support Jeff Dirkse because to him this is not a job nor a career, it’s about serving this community with passion, dignity and fiscal responsibility. And has respect for all citizens in and out of Stanislaus County.”

    Jeremiah Williams, Stanislaus County Fair Director

  • “Jeff was one of the BEST Rural Crime Detectives we have ever had … and he worked solo. Stanislaus County agriculture was very appreciative. He understood the problem and did his best to solve it. Not much more we can ask as a community.”

    Tom Orvis, Farmer

  • “Jeff Dirkse is the future leadership needed for the Sheriff’s Department. His history places him in a very unique position to lead with vision and skill. I encourage all to support and vote Jeff Dirkse for our sheriff.”

    Thom Crowder, former Hughson Mayor

  • “Having known Jeff and his family for more than 35 years, I can think of no one better qualified or more suitable to serve as Stanislaus County’s next sheriff. Jeff is a leader. As an Army Ranger, Jeff served his country in Iraq and earned the Bronze Star for leadership, and he has been steadily promoted to positions of leadership in the sheriff’s ranks — including his current role as police chief of Patterson. With admirable poise and comfort, Jeff interacts well with children, the elderly and everyone in between. He is smart, diligent, ethical and tenacious. Jeff Dirkse is an asset to our community — and I trust he will serve Stanislaus County honorably.”

    Michael Ireland, CEO, Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green