Sheriff Jeff Dirkse released the following statement announcing his campaign for re-election:


“Over three years ago I was honored with election to the office of Stanislaus County Sheriff. Today, after discussion with my colleagues, and most of all with my family, I am announcing that I will seek re-election to the position the voters entrusted to me in 2018.


In my last campaign, I pledged that public safety in the county would be my highest priority, and that our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools would be kept safe. I vowed to ensure that our deputies receive the best training and equipment available to more effectively serve our community. I also pledged that our department would increase transparency, so that public trust could be enhanced and fostered.


We have met those goals.


We have 23 more officers in the department today than the day I was sworn in as sheriff. We have also seen a real decrease in both violent crimes and property crimes. Our deputies now wear cameras, both protecting them and providing a significant tool for enhancing community trust.


But our work in the department is not yet completed. I remain committed to improving deputy training, public transparency, employee wellness, and innovation in our department.


The pandemic brought health and economic impacts that we are still working to overcome. I am committed to seeing our recovery through and keeping public safety in our county as our number one priority.


I am deeply honored in the trust the people of Stanislaus county have placed in me.  I vow to continue to live up to that trust if I reelected as our Stanislaus County Sheriff.”


# # #