Jeff Dirkse: A law enforcement leader

I met Jeff Dirkse in January 2005 while serving in Iraq. Jeff was my Company Commander and I served as his gunner and radioman. Jeff and I conducted over 200 combat patrols together and were in frequent contact with the enemy. During this time, I got to know Jeff very. I learned that Jeff was a West Point graduate and had been a platoon leader in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Jeff was the professional personification of both those organizations. He knew his job as an officer and did it very well. I never saw Jeff lose control of a fight or any other situation. Jeff can manage chaos.

Jeff was always willing to hear my opinion, but made his own decisions. He could be demanding of standards, but personally maintained those standards. He always remained positive and determined — no matter the tragedy or lunacy of the situation. That’s how I remember Jeff during the war.

As a retired deputy sheriff, I always enjoy speaking to Jeff about police work. It is obvious Jeff has focused all his talents on law enforcement. I am constantly impressed on how well read and current Jeff is. He has fresh ideas infused with common sense and tradition. More importantly, he has a plan to implement those ideas. It’s also clear he has a very intimate knowledge of his community and has deep roots there. I can’t think of a better person for your Sheriff.

Frank Dillard
Tulare County Sheriff’s Department (retired)